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Razer Goliathus Mobile Edition - Gaming Mouse Mat - RZ02-01820200-R3M1

Razer Goliathus Mobile Edition - Gaming Mouse Mat - RZ02-01820200-R3M1

Category: Peripherals / Misc > Gaming Mouse Pads
Product Code: RZ02-01820200-R3M1

A mouse mat designed for gamers on the go. Featuring slim and durable construction with optimized surface for mobility and highly responsive tracking.

  • Slim and flexible for maximum mobility
  • Engineered for both speed and control playstyles
  • Optimized surface for highly responsive tracking
  • Approx. size: 215mm / 8.4 in x 270mm
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Razer Viper Mini Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse with Razer™ Chroma RGB RZ01-03250100-R3M1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-03250100-R3M1

Born to push the very limits of ultra-lightweight gaming, the Razer Viper Mini takes up a smaller form that remains just as big in performance. Shortening its length and grip width, we’ve worked with enthusiasts and esports athletes to hone its design even fur...

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  • 61g Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch
  • Razer Chroma™ RGB Underglow
  • Ultra-Light. Ultra-Fast.
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Razer Tetra Wired Console Chat Headset RZ04-02920100-R3M1

Category: Headphones / Earphones > Razer Headphones
Product Code: RZ04-02920100-R3M1

Enter the Razer Tetra—a console headset with a cardioid mic designed to suppress ambient noise, so you can be heard crystal clear on voice chat while still keeping the volume up on your home theatre speakers for maximum console gaming immersion.

  • Rotating Cardioid Microphone
  • Designed to Suppress Ambient Noise
  • Ultra-Lightweight Comfort
  • Command above the noise
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Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse - RZ01-02540100-R3M1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-02540100-R3M1

For more than a decade, the Razer DeathAdder line has been a mainstay in the global esports arena. It has garnered a reputation for reliability that gamers swear by due to its proven durability and ergonomics.

  • Proven history of performance
  • Ergonomic form
  • Up to 10 Million Clicks
  • 5 Hyperesponse Buttons
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Razer Abyssus Essential Gaming Mouse - Black - RZ01-02160300-R3M1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-02160300-R3M1

Features tracking at 220 inches per second (IPS) so you always have pinpoint accuracy and precision.

  • True 7,200 dpi optical sensor
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic design
  • 3 hyperesponse buttons
  • Razer synapse 3 (beta)
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Razer Cynosa Lite Essential Membrane Gaming Keyboard RZ03-02740600-R3M1

Category: Keyboard > Razer
Product Code: RZ03-02740600-R3M1

Razer Cynosa Lite Membrane gaming keyboard with Razer Chroma lighting. If you think that a keyboard with all the essential requirements cannot get better, then we have news for you. With the Razer Cynosa Chroma Lite, all essential requirements have been retain...

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  • Soft cushioned gaming-grade keys
  • Razer Synapse 3 enabled
  • 10 key rollover
  • Spill-resistant durable design
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Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse - RZ01-02330100-R3A1

Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse - RZ01-02330100-R3A1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-02330100-R3A1

Fast. Accurate. Deadly. Take your FPS skills to the next level with the Razer Basilisk. Boasting the most advanced optical sensor in the world and armed with features such as a dial for customizing scroll wheel resistance and a removable DPI clutch, the Razer Basilisk is the ultimate FPS mouse.

  • The world’s most advanced fps gaming mouse
  • True 16,000 dpi 5 g optical sensor
  • Customizable scroll wheel resistance
  • Removable dpi clutch
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Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse with Best-in-class Ergonomics, RZ01-03210100-R3M1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-03210100-R3M1

Witness an icon reborn with the Razer DeathAdder V2—an ergonomic mouse designed with deadly curves and killer lines for a weapon that handles like no other. With next-gen sensor and switches packed into a lighter form factor, a new era of high-performance gaming has already taken shape.

  • Best-In-Class Ergonomics
  • Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch
  • Razer™ Focus+ Optical Sensor
  • Ergonomics without equal
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Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Gaming Mouse RZ01-03340100-R3M1

Category: Mouse > Razer Mouse
Product Code: RZ01-03340100-R3M1

Small in size, but huge in reputation and performance—the Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini is a small, ergonomic gaming mouse that continues a legendary legacy. Offering unrivalled handling and comfort for gamers with smaller hands, and packed with tech to cut the competition down to size.

  • True 8500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Razer™ Optical Mouse Switches
  • On-board memory profile
  • The world’s best gaming mouse. Now mini.
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Razer Cynosa V2 Membrane Gaming Keyboard With Razer Chroma RGB RZ03-03400100-R3M1

Category: Keyboard > Razer
Product Code: RZ03-03400100-R3M1

Paint your play in a truly immersive light with the Razer Cynosa V2—the essential RGB gaming keyboard. With customizable lighting in every key, watch it come alive as you game on Chroma-integrated titles, and embrace a gaming experience you won’t ever want to turn away from.

  • Individually Backlit Gaming Keys
  • Powered by Razer Chroma RGB
  • Fully Programmable Keys
  • Individually backlit gaming keys
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