1stPlayer Armour PS-750AR 750W 80+ Gold Certified Power Supply

Product Code: PS-750AR
Brand: 1stPlayer
Price Updated On: 08 May, 2021
To achieve near-silent operation and reliable performance and surpass the opponents, the latest ARMOUR 80+ gold series is armed with start/stop cooling fan, LLC+DC-DC structure and other premium components with competitive price. With all the latest features, the ARMOUR series is able to satisfy PC enthusiasts who are looking for a premium power supply.
  • 80 Plus Gold
  • Non-Modular
  • Active PFC
  • Cooling Fan Start/Stop / LLC+DC-DC
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80 PLUS Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold
Modular: Non Modular
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Warranty: 1 - Year Warranty

ARMOUR 5.5 / 6.5 / 7.5

80+ Gold Certified / Cooling Fan Start/Stop / LLC+DC-DC


Cooling Fan Start/Stop / LLC+DC-DC

Behold the 80+ Gold Certified, adopted mature LLC+DC-DC solution, the latest ARMOUR series deliver up to 90.54% efficiency at typical Loading under 110V, 92.3% efficiency at typical Loading under 220V.


Cross Loading Voltage Regulation<2%

The voltage regulation is set to no more than 2% for major rails to deliver impressive electrical performance performance and stability, making the power supply a great option for high performance systems.

Individual Smart Start/Stop Switch

Under the 0 RPM fan mode, the smart temperature control IC monitors the inner temperature. When the temperature is with 60°, the fan stops spinning entirely until the temperature is higher than 60°. The Individual Smart Start/Stop Switch guarantees superior cooling performance and near silent operation.

Advanced LLC + DC - DC Design

The ARMOUR series is equipped with APFC tech, high quality Taiwan capacitors to improve the durability and offer the highest stability and reliability. And the mature LLC + DC - DC design deliver a stable and highly efficient performance.

2 times copper PCB Offering Single Side SMT

The PCB adopted on the ARMOUR series allows all SMTs to sit on the top side of the PSUs PCB so as to prevent heat accumulation at the bottom of the PSU and keep the PCB pure.

Fully Covered Protection

Besides OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP,OTP, SCP, the ARMOUR is equipped with power off protection. When the power is cut off under abnormal condition, the power supply will activate the power off protection function to protect the PSU and motherboard effectively.

High Amperage Single +12V Rail Design

12V output can be rated over 90% of the total power. The powerful single +12V rails can fulfill the power supply requirement towards the Graphic Card and overclock as they wish.

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