Glorious XL Heavy Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad G-HXL Stealth Edition

Product Code: 857372006631
Brand: Glorious
Price Updated On: 27 Mar, 2023
STEALTH edition dimmed logo. Dimension: 16"x18"- Extra thickness (5-6mm) for comfort & great for uneven surfaces
  • Smooth cloth surface
  • Color: Black
  • Machine Washable
  • Anti-slip rubber base
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The perfect size for the competitive gamer. The XL mousepad series is the ideal choice for the competitive FPS gamer / PC gamer providing huge room for your mouse, without taking up all the space on your desk. Our special surface provides a unique blend of speed and control making it ideal for any situation; From nailing headshots in Counter Strike to landing those skill shots in League of Legends.

All our mousepads also feature stitched edges, which prevent them from fraying, greatly increasing their aesthetic and lifespan. Thanks to our high-quality construction, these mousepads are also machine washable.

The Glorious XL (G-XL/G-HXL) comes in two sizes, the 2mm or 5mm thick, giving you a choice for a harder or more cushioned surface.

Still not convinced about our quality? If there are any issues with your mouse pad we will provide you with a replacement free of charge (up to one year from date of purchase).

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