HP S700 M.2 - 250GB Solid State Drive - SATA III - 2LU79AA

Product Code: SSD S700 M.2 250GB 2LU79AA
Brand: HP
Price Updated On: 22 Oct, 2018
New 3D NAND Technology and advanced wear balancing algorithm for higher durability @0.6 Drive Writes Per Day.
  • Manufactured to HP's high quality standards
  • Serial ATA-600
  • Works on all Windows PC
  • An industry-top-leading Reliability (MTBF)
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By using 3D NAND Flash and three-dimensional stacking method, HP S700 series can provide higher storage density and capacity and is more reliable and durable compared with traditional 2D NAND Flash. HP S700 series provides better performance. Whether for system boot, software installation or read and write operations, HP S700 series will help to save you time and improve your work efficiency. The advanced wear overall balancing algorithm of HP S700 series increase the TBW (TBW, Total Bytes Written) and improve the durability of SSD, which fully meet the users' requirement for design, video editing, games programming, office and various storage applications.
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